In 1960s a movement was started by the creator of monthly personally conversation, Andy Warhol that turned out is well-known in history as Pop Art progress. It is turned out to be last great American skill progress that it exerted a huge control on modern art. He was well famed artist, movie maker, author and a superstar. Spouse of Warhol was an appealing that apprised to reflect the art of him in many forms.

He belonged to first age group of immigration born on (August 6th, 1928) Andy had belonged to tough era. In third standard, he suffered from a difficulty of scarlet fever he was kept to bed so long, that he became an introvert. With the violent intention, he selected the field of sketch. He had the interest to pay attention to melody gather pieces of super stars who interest led to motivation and craze for Pop movement.

He afterwards went to college and studied industrial art and that added up in attracting him to triumph over occupation in the advertising field. If he added up the demonstration of his sketching, he collected during his complete study course of marketing work; these exhibitions had to be ramble reassess to non superiority and advertising.   This was just the start when Warhol launches the procedure to shifting himself from the process of industrial exhibitors into well-known American artist.

The theatre of ”factory” formed the base trait of various talented performers.  One of his famous comprises of a picture of; Marylin Monroe, Campbell’s soup, and bottle of Coke a Cola. Due to some reasons, he soon shifted to silk-screen prints and to further enhance the quality of exhibited goods mess marketing presentable in better condition he tried to further strengthen the thinking building of art structure.

With a lot of help from others, he started working in 1950s where he started working with huge cluster of artists clustered aim was a seal of his career.   Gerard Malegna was a key companion who collaborator is his great work with that he works bohemians group which he referred them the superstars.

A sorrow incident happed in 1968 to Warhol when he was attempted to murder by an extreme companion as he assumed that he had stolen her script, which was merely a case of misplacement.  The shooter complained that he directed her life too much.  This incident almost took his life.

Still Warhol with full determination continued in the field of fashion after that, but he was not that similar. Some people thought it turned the way of his thinking as he rejected his position as an artist as he got the status of richer man, intelligibly producing paintings from just wealthy celebrities. Although it was pleased by re birth of artistic trends in his eighties, a part for the reason of a link with young new artists having the same craving for fame.

He died at a very young age of 58, regaining health from the gall bladder health centre; but massive coronary was reasoned of his death. It is assumed this all happened due to hospital neglect as his body was unable to accept their induced fluids. Later, they were bright in legal action by Warhol’s lawyer right away after his death.

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