Unique Florida

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When Walt Disney drew plans for the Walt Disney World, he wanted it away from the beaches because the beaches in California are competing for the tourist to Disney land. With a Florida time share, you can have both the appeal of the beaches for the water sports lover and the enthusiasm of the young at heart.

One thing that is a common experience of time share owners is the opportunity bit gives for families to bond together during vacations. On vacations, memories are made and times lost with the family are regained. A Florida time share opens up a variety of vacation options. You are only a short drive away from the famous beaches of Florida and the most favored vacation destination anywhere on Earth, the Walt Disney World.

If you are a huge fan of white sandy beaches, beautiful people and crystal blue waters, visit Southeast and Northeast Florida. Many beaches here are rated on the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. A Florida time share gets you near these locations where you can experience water activities like surfing, fishing, scuba diving, boating or just lazing it out in the sun. You can also visit the Florida Keys, which is a short trip from Miami. Visiting the keys is a unique experience whether by land or by plane.

On the other hand, mention a vacation that includes trips to the Walt Disney World to the little ones and be prepared to see eyes light up, squeals of excitement and the constant check of the calendar as the countdown to the day when you will take your vacation begins. Even if you use your Florida time share year after year, the reactions will remain the same. The fun at preparation, the seemingly short days during the vacation and the memories that will endure long after the vacation is over. Find your self being caught up in the experiences of the last vacation and preparing for the next.

Florida time share resales are attractive to many vacationers in the world because of its attractions not to mention the mild climate, the majestic sunsets and the vibrant culture. The nearby Walt Disney World alone attracts 40 million visitors every year.

Many Florida time share holders seldom have their weeks unused. Those who do can always have an excellent exchange because a Florida time share is investing in a prime vacation destination.

How Did You Use Your Gift?

It is judgment day.  You stand before your Creator making a case for all the sins you did not commit and explaining your reasons for the sins you did.

You speak of the good will toward others and how effectively you used faith, hope, charity and love to the best of your ability. You state that you have lived according to the Ten Commandments and feel very strongly that your place should be secure within the gates of the Holy Kingdom.

However, as you stand before your Creator, his enthusiasm doesn’t seem to match yours. You are quite surprised as this is not what you were expecting since you had lived your life according to his principles. You search your thoughts seeking more situations which give you the leverage you need to finalize your entry into the Kingdom, however, none come forward. As you stand before the Creator, you question why your entry isn’t automatic. Then the Creator speaks.

“My Beloved, all of the things you have mentioned are true. Your sins have never been a concern as I know what my children will do before they consider doing it. Speaking on faith, hope, charity and love, there isn’t a question that you did well, I’m happy that you feel good about your accomplishments. Yes, you followed the Ten Commandments and you lived according to them and that is highly commendable. You have lived by what was written and that is good.

However, the question I’m about to ask you has brought a sense of confusion to many of my children and they seem quite astounished that the question is asked. When I ask this question, I am asking so that I can better understand how you handle your “free will.” I give you free will so that I am not controlling. I never want to control my children as that is not being a good parent and as I am your Creator, I truly want all my children to know, that I am here for their guidance, however, I will never dictate your decisions. I leave you to make your own decisions and if you need me, I am always here for you.”

“With all of that said My Beloved, there is still one question that has to be asked of you and that is “how did you use the gift I gave you?” “I gave you a gift that was created especially for you. Yes, you did live your life according to the principles of the Kingdom. Yes, you followed the Ten Commandments and you were strong in your faith. However, did you realize that the gift I gave you to use was a gift that would have helped more people than you could have ever imagined. Your gift would have given joy and comfort in the highest and lowest places. Your gift would have changed the lives of people you would have never met. Your gift would have been used for generations. Your gift would have meant so much to me if you had used it. Yet, my beloved, you were afraid to use your gift. You were afraid to take the risk of stepping out on faith for you. You were afraid to test the laws of success for you. You hid under the guise of helping others, while your gift remained unused. You did not trust that the gift I gave to you was to be used while you were on earth.”

“You and I both know that you allowed fear, doubt and worry to stop you from using your gift. Yes, what you accomplished by helping others was a good thing and it is not being overlooked. However, the real issue is that the gift I gave you to use was left behind and with that a lot of what had been planned was also left behind. So, only you can answer the question “why didn’t you use the gift I gave you?”

I Appreciate That

In life we are met with obstacles. Obstacles are not things; obstacles are people. People who at times, deliberately want to get in the way. Some believe they are justified; others who because of their views and opinions on life, just want to block us from our goals. And some are simply jealous that you are attempting to change the course of your journey and deep within themselves, they may feel you are leaving them behind.

Instead of getting angry and holding resentment that only makes you suffer; how about turning the other cheek and telling yourself you appreciate them. No need to tell them; what you want to do is calm yourself, be still and repeat the following:

I appreciate that you have tried to take me down. Because of that I realized how many times I am able to get up.

I appreciate that you have tried to put your stamp on my life. Because of that I am creating my own stamp on my life.

I appreciate that you have said what I could and could not do. Because of that I am now doing what I know will benefit me and my loved ones.

I appreciate that you have spread lies about me. Because of that I found the truth about me.

I appreciate that you tried to turn everyone against me. Because of that I know who my true friends are.

I appreciate that you attempt to twist my words and my feelings. Because of that I have gotten clearer in my communication and now say what I mean and mean what I say.

I appreciate that you laughed when I freely discussed my goals. Because of that I understand fully what the Bible states “Do not cast your pearls before swine as they will turn and render you.”

I appreciate that you don’t believe in me. Because of that I learned to believe in myself.

I appreciate that when I was down you wanted to rudely lecture instead of helping. Because of that I learned to take better care of myself and know who to ask for help.

I appreciate that you placed stop signs in front of me. Because of that I was able to navigate another direction which proved to be much better than expected.

I appreciate all of the things you did for me and to me as it has given me a greater understanding of me. It has fueled my fire to ensure that I do well now and in the future. You have no idea how much I appreciate all of the things that you have done to me and in the end for me. You have been a blessing for my growth and for my personal development. Without your inadvertent assistance I would have been fine, however, your actions inspired me and definitely made a difference. So, please know…I Appreciate That!

What is a Time Share

Time share is sharing the use and costs of operating a resort by owners. It started in Europe when a resort owner advertised that instead of renting, guests could buy a hotel. This caught on worldwide and since the 1960’s time share has become a big business interest. Today, the industry accounts for more than 5000 resorts all over the world totaling 11 million time share intervals that have been sold to over 7 million buyers world wide.

From the ski developer in the French Alps who first sold the idea, time share grew to include vacation spots, condominium resorts, yachts, campgrounds, houseboats and motor homes.

The main benefit of time share is real property. Developers purchase the land, and develop it to a resort. What is actually being sold is deeded weeks of property where the customers can do what they wish to the property during the time that they owned it. Like any other kind of deeded property, the owner can use it, they can rent it out to vacationers, lend them to family and friends leave it to their heirs and sometimes even as a gift. They can also exchange with other time share owners outside of their resort group or exchange usage with time share owners internally with the same resort group.

The use of time share resorts is usually divided into weeks and is sold as fractional ownership of a real property. It is then sold as weeks, which can either be fixed, rotating or floating.

Fixed week ownership is the most basic time share unit. It is a deed to use the resort on a fixed calendar of every year. For example if you owned the first week of every year, you could use that same week every year.

Time shares can also be sold as floating weeks. An example of this is when ownership of the resort is chosen to be any week during summer season. Usually however, floating week’s contracts does not include weeks where there is a major holiday. These weeks are typically sold to fixed week ownership.

Rotating time shares are shares where ownership of the weeks is rotated among its members. The ownership of the weeks in the calendar is moved backwards and forward to give all members the opportunity for prime weeks that are fixed.

A resale industry for the resale of time-share intervals is available on the net. It can also be found in active market online auction sites like eBay.

What are Vacation Clubs

Vacation club time share is a concept that was developed in the 1960’s where instead of booking for a vacation destination every time; the time sharer owns a fixed number of days on the vacation property.

A vacation club time sharer typically owns a week in a vacation resort. The time sharer will have an apartment or a condo that is usually fully furnished and will be his official lodging during the entire duration of his stay in the resort. Because the time sharer owns the week or weeks in the resort, he can do as he wishes with his property. He can rent it out, exchange it with other party that may be interested, and even leave it to his heirs. When you buy a vacation club time share, you also share the cost of the maintenance and other expenses that are incurred to keep the place in shape.

Vacation Club time share has evolved into big business. From its beginning with a ski resort in the French Alps about 40 years ago, it has now become a significant part of the hotel, condo and resort business. Some of the most prestigious being the Marriott Group, Hilton and Disney.

It also gave way to the creation of other businesses like agencies that handles resales, small to well known developers and conglomerates.

Choices for vacation club timeshare today have become very varied that could serve every interest and leisure activities. Time sharers depending of their affiliation can now take a vacation anywhere in the world either by making vacation spot exchanges with other time share owners or staying at a resort overseas that the developer in which they are affiliated with owns.

What attracts people to owning a vacation club time share is that it actually is dealing in prime real estate property. Together with the week that you own, you have an apartment style unit that ranges from the studio type to the luxurious three to four room villas. Time sharing has today been extended to part ownership of luxury cars, planes and boats.

Currently, the time share industry includes some 5000 resorts worldwide. It accounts for 11 million sales intervals that have been sold to about 7 million families around the world. Believe it or not, it is a young industry that is continually growing and developing.

This may prove that In spite of the controversies and scams that often plague the idea of owning vacation club time share, it is a very attractive concept. People involved with it are satisfied with the services and the opportunities and vacation experiences that having a vacation club time share provides.

Traveler Friendly Orlando

Orlando, Florida is an exciting place to buy time share. An Orlando time share is easily tradable, because of its proximity to the greatest attraction on earth, the Walt Disney World. Even when you want to trade them or have them up for resale, chances are, you will not run out of fun when you have an Orlando time share, because most Orlando time share owners are busy preparing for the following years activities.

Orlando vacation owners owns prime real estate and a good investment whichever way you look at it. Many vacationers to the Walt Disney World that do not want to stay or is finding it hard to make reservations in the weeks that they want in Disney managed hotel, the Dolphin or the Swan are ready markets for Orlando and Florida time sharers.

An Orlando time share has something for every vacation need. Great location, elegant hotels, an International Airport and an efficient travel system. A great variety of restaurants with multi cultural heritage with an array of shopping areas to match make Orlando a good vacation destination. It doesn’t even stop there. The contiinous development of the parks around it will always have something new to offer to Orlando time sharers year after year. Talk about time share traveler-friendly, Orlando is up on the list.

Typically, an Orlando time share promotion includes five days and four nights at $50 per person per night. However discount packages are often available when you check through RCI.

Beyond affordability, other benefits and inducements like tickets availability to local attractions, free tourist activities and free dinners are also available to Orlando time sharers.

This is so because Orlando and Florida time sharers are expected to either be in the golf courses, at the Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, the MGM Universal Studios or the Animal Kingdom of the Walt Disney World. They could also be spending time at the Gatorland the Sea World, Jurassic Park the Toon Lagoon and all the other attraction that will be enough to last them for years and years of vacation without repeating the same activity.

An Orlando time share investment is money well place. The area receives 40 million visitors every year and is a coveted vacation destination for many people around the globe.

You can choose your Orlando time share packages from the following:

The Westgate Lakes Resrot
Calypso Cay Resort
Silver Lake Resort
Oak Plantation Resort
Celebrity Resorts
Amerisuites Vacation Club

Tips in Buying Time Share

There are many theories on what a wise buy is on the time share market and what is not. Even with so many ideas, it is curious that people often end up not getting much on the investment that they made that is after all the main issue in investments. Instead, they end up paying more than they really ought to.

The struggle is often in not differentiating between what is a good buy and where they would want to spend their vacation week year after year. Time share owners typically will want to exchange their vacation week most of the time. When that week in a year is not used well, opportunity to earn on the property is lost.

Here are some tips when you consider buying a wise exchange week. Points Programs

First consider the color time. This refers to the traffic and the travel season for any given resort. Typically it is translated into this.

Red: high traffic/demand season
White or yellow: intermediate season
Blue or green: low volume of vacationers
For II, the designations are:

When buying time share, go for the red season. Owning a high demand season gives you more flexibility in the time of the year that you want to have an exchange. Owning a prime season entitles you to request any week in a year.

Buy time share in areas that are in popular vacation destinations like Hawaii, Orlando FL, California coastal areas. An area that has a history of being flocked by tourists is the primary consideration that exchange companies consider in pricing their offers.

Buy in resort areas that has a low maintenance fee and always try to drive down the price when buying a time share. When you do, buy time shares only from licensed real state brokers that has a trust fund until the sale is final. When you are a deeded property, make sure that you receive a title deed insurance.

It will be an added incentive to buy into a resort that is a part of a big management system.

Be sure that you and your seller’s interpretation of the agreement are the same. Clarify points and have this written down in the escrow papers that you will have to sign. There should also be no ambiguous language in your agreement.

When buying a time share and you keep this suggestions in mind, you will get the most out of the investment that you did aside from giving your family a good vacation spot to spend quality family time on.

Time Share Resale

The major benefit in owning a time share is having your own vacation property that you can go to yearly and other options depending on your arrangement with the developer. Another facet of its attraction is the flexibility it offers in exchanging with other time share owners in almost 5000 resorts and vacation spots worldwide.

There are good time share resale deals and there are deals that are not. There are good investments as well as deals that are almost like a rip-off. When buying a time share for the first time shop hard and drive for bargains. Time share resale far outweigh buyers, this is your market. For time share owners who came out with good deals, timesharing are very sound financial investments. A lot of time share owners have recouped their investments in under eight years of ownership in what they would have spent if they took their vacations elsewhere.

With timesharing, you have a vacation property that you could get back to year after year on designated week or weeks. You can do as you please during the weeks that you own the unit in your resort like, resting it out, using them, lending them to your families and friends and even leaving it to your heirs.

It is a widely recognized fact that half of the cost of the time share that is sold by the developer is marketing related. In other words, the buyer is absorbing all the marketing and administrative costs that the buyer incurred relative to selling and development of the resort.

Time share resale is very much cheaper as you are buying a real and fair market value for the time share on resale. It is common then to get a time share resale that could save you, sometimes up to more than 50%. For time share resale, click on websites that are specializing on this so that you could shop around for the best deals on a variety of properties, where attractive financing options will be available.

Because time shares is an active and dynamic market, there will be time share resale also available on the resort itself. Time share owners opting to sell their shares could use the property as an advertising venue.

Savings on time share resale is also made possible by the competition among owners selling their shares that it could drive down prices and bargains could be made.

Time Share Exchange

Most of the initial transactions that is happening regarding time share exchange happens on the internet. An ad that one comes across to spurs interest and the transaction is initiated. This means that the potential time share exchange is initially being transacted between strangers.

Assuming that you are conducting time share exchange in this medium, here are some guides:

Read carefully the responses of the other party. Often you can get a good inclination of the intention of the other party by their responses. If at any time you do not feel comfortable with the other person, it may be wiser not to continue with the exchange.

Handling timeshare exchange is similar to a real estate contract. Get all the details including the names of all the parties that will appear on the deed, contact information, addresses (postal addresses are not sufficient for recording deeds), telephones and fax, social security numbers etc.). If one of the parties is not willing to share information, it would be wise to evaluate the transaction further.

Find out from the resort if there are any liens on the property, if the seller is up to date on payments, if the seller owes money in the resort through a previous time share exchange through the resort. Ask also if the weeks being transacted on are available, the condition of the unit and size of the resort, if there are future improvement plans, awards received, amenities, program of activities, sales and resale trends. By listening to responses, this is also a good opportunity to find out how cooperative and professional the management of the resort is. Again if you are not comfortable with them, you may not want to pursue a time share exchange.

It will be very helpful to get also specific information on
informal swapping weeks bonus time, how the point system works and, if split weeks are an option. Are there additional charges when other family members, associates and friends uses the resort, exchanges within the resorts groups, and other amenities like restaurants boat ramps, golfing privileges and children activity center. You may also want to find out if the resort is tied up with another real estate.

The idea is to extract all relevant information before going ahead with the time share exchange. All your questions must be satisfied as much as the other party wishes theirs to also be answered.

The Happiest Vacation on Earth

Walt Disney World is dubbed as the happiest place on earth. It is also the busiest. Fact is, an average of 40 million people from around the world flock into this resort. A vacation to this place usually is four to five day packages. And yet even if one visit WDW every year there is always a new offering for excitement each time. You will not be repeating the same activity you did last year because of the so many activities in the place. Believe it or not, it is still growing. Whether you love fun and excitement or just a quiet vacation, a Disney time share will suit you.

If you will have to buy a Disney time share (also called a Disney Vacation Club or DVC), plan ahead which week to buy into and what resort and attend a DVC pitch. This is obvious but many who wanted a Disney time share skips this because of the excitement of the place that they do not want to waste precious time.


Points value that are purchased does not change. The value that you receive today will be the same value that you will receive 30 years from now.

While every year the cost of staying in a Disney managed hotel rises 5 to 10%, that is in fact your hedge against inflation.

When you are a member of the DVC, you receive discounts at Disney Water Parks and Pleasure Island. You also receive 10% discounts from all Disney stores nationwide.
Hopper park tickets are also discounted 10%. Hopper park passes allows you unlimited admission to all WDW theme parks, water parks, Disney Quest and Pleasure Island for the entire duration of your stay.

A DVC membership includes resort ownership. Resorts included for option are the Boardwalk Villas, Old Key West, Hilton Head Island, Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, Vero Beach, Villas at Wilderness Lodge and Villas at Wilderness Lodge.

You get priority reservation as a home resort owner. Members are given this privilege three months ahead of the general public.

Bank an borrow points from one year before and after. Basically you triple your points for your desired year that you can use to maximize your stay at the WDW.

The concept basically is to buy points. By Florida Law, this is in fact a real estate interest. You cash the points every year for your accommodation. Even when you buy the points for your home resort, you can also apply this to any WDW resort.

The Driving Force Behind Good Vacation Packages

When choosing a vacation/time share ownership, it is very important to know which company handles its time share exchanges. Failing that could result into limited vacation experiences and options. In fact you could even find your self exchanging with a time sharer that has also rented his unit to another.

One of the better attraction of buying a time share is that, with the single time share ownership that you have, you can exchange this for a whole lot variety of vacation resorts that are outside of the company that you are originally affiliated with.

Resort Condominiums International or the RCI, is the largest resort exchange agency. RCI alone has over 3,800 resorts that are split between its weeks and points programs. Together with the Interval international II with 2000 resorts, both have affiliate programs that members can only exchange with affiliate resorts.

While the time sharer can individually exchange his weeks directly with another time sharer, finding one who is also mutually interested in the exchange may take time. RCI is the market leader in providing innovative services to the travel and leisure industry worldwide.

RCI was founded in 1974 to provide and exchange service to condominium owners. Since then it has been the driving force behind the timeshare industry and has consistently been in the forefront of vacation ownership. Aside from the

While RCI’s core business if vacations exchange, it also has several lines of services.

The Registry Collection: Caters to the luxury vacation travel segment. The core competence of which is in concierge service, travel networks, quality assurance and proprietary technology.

Private Label Clubs: RCI is at the forefront of the development of the worlds leading vacation ownership clubs. It provides marketing assistance, back office support and vacation club services innovations and branding.

Ragatz Associates: Specializes in market research, consulting services, feasibility analysis to resrt developers and operators including new entrants to the vacation and leisure industry.

Hotel Dynamics: Specializes in the design, evaluation, implementation, management and creation of marketing strategies and programs that are tailored to the market behavior of the locality. Hotel dynamics operates in Europe, Australia, South America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Mexico.

RCI today has over three million members all over the world who share the same commitment to quality leisure and are satisfied vacationers to RCI’s 3,800 resorts. These are travel enthusiasts who dream of a good vacation through time share and get it.

Serene Beaches and Mighty Backdrops

Buying time shares today has been resorted to by some four million Americans that wants to have quality vacation experience and flexibility and value in their vacations. A good time share selection is of paramount importance whether you intend to make your time share your regular vacation home, trade it occasionally to other favored vacation spots or make it turn profits for you through unit rentals. A time share is having your own personal vacation spot that you will love and which you can go to year after year. If you want a vacation spot with idyllic setting, check out a Maui time share.

A Maui time share is buying your own spot in one of the most romantic location on earth. When people call it paradise, even when that sounds too outdated, people will always agree. It is always important that you like what you own other wise, why spend good money on it. Imagine the cruise, the swaying palm, the coolness of the tropical breeze, the majestic Pacific and the mountains for a backdrop. No matter the Americanization of the place, Maui, Hawaii will always have the spirit of their ancients, the lovely culture and the beautiful scenic views.

If there are too many choices shot list them and include a Maui time share consider the Embassy Vacation Resort.

Embassy Vacation Resort is located on prime beachfront property north of the magnificent Kaanapali Beach. The resort sits between the lush green mountains west of Maui and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It has very well appointed rooms and suites with all the amenities like a heated Jacuzzi, a waterfall rimmed pool, and restaurants on the beach front. Forget about the aloha and the hula. Sometimes it can get to be too much. The essence of a good vacation is a very laid back atmosphere. A Maui time share offers all of that.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club – supported by the prestige of the Marriott group, the Marriott Maui Ocean Club is another hotel that sits along the beautiful Kaanapali beach. It prides in its cultured resort activities and superb guest services. A few minutes away is the Maui golf courses which is another reason to own a time share in Maui.

Maui Westin Kaanpali Ocean Resort Villas – these are relatively new villas which offers extraordinary comfort. The furnishings, the design, the impeccable finish, the wide array of amenities and activities, even without the Lagoon which by the way is magnificent, Maui Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas will always make you feel that you are on this greatest of leisurely vacations. Thank your fortune that you own a part of it. But then again, you can’t expect less in a resort managed by Westin.

A time share in Maui, no matter from which angle you look at it is a money well invested.