The monarch butterfly is regarded to be the most stunning type of butterfly. Its fantastic life cycle consists of four stages, each with its own aim.

Life Cycle Stages:

1.    The Egg

This cycle lasts between 3 and 8 days. The egg is always laid on milkweed plants.

2.    The Larva (Caterpillar)

When the egg hatches, the larva is extremely tiny. In order to grow, it will start eating its own shell and the milkweed leaf.  Doing so, they can grow up to 2,000 times bigger than the initial egg.

3.    Pupa (Chrysalis)

After the larva developed enough, it will undergo the process of metamorphosis, which will shape the body parts of the future monarch butterfly.

4.    Adult Butterfly

When the monarch butterfly comes out of his chrysalis, it can already fly. Most adult monarchs live only up to 6 weeks.

The transformation from egg to adult last around 30 days and it’s one of nature’s wonders. It provides us insight into the complexity a monarch butterfly’s short life.

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